"BASE": a Course Which Teaches All the Basic Techniques You Need to Implement Sketching in Your Interior Design Practice

(Perfect if you are a novice in drawing interiors, interior designer, id/architecture student)

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(Level: Basic to Comprehensive)

This course is beginner-friendly

Self-paced online course so you can learn on your own schedule

There are two enrollment options available:

1. "On Your Own": In this option, you get access to the course and complete all the lessons independently at your own pace.

2. "With Olga's Feedback": Get access to the course and receive personalized feedback on your drawings directly from Olga Sorokina. Olga will provide feedback via WhatsApp, either in audio or text format.

Watch this 1 min video first

Check what you will be able to draw in a month from now! (A glimpse on what's inside Part I of the course).

"Olga's courses are amazing! She is the best teacher on sketching I met so far (and I met quite a few). I think we are blessed to learn from a real master of sketching!"

- Katerina Guliaeva, Student at New York Design School, BFA Program for Interior Design, Instagram

"I SO enjoyed the tutorials of the course! I had so much fun, I love how my sketches look now! Your course is amazing! So excited to enroll in PRO as well."

- Heather Viljoen, interior designer, London, Instagram



  • Are you worrying that you don't have an essential skill for designers -- drawing?
  • Do you want to master interior sketching from scratch, but are afraid that you don't have talent?
  • Want to better communicate with your clients/employees?
  • Want to make your interior design diploma project a success?
  • Need to present your interior design project beautifully?
  • Have watched all the YouTube videos and still struggle with perspective drawing?
  • Maybe your goal is to learn sketching for your interior design projects.
  • Or do you want to shift careers and draw interior sketch commissions?

With this online course, you will achieve your creative goals.

+ Learn how to make interior drawings from scratch with this step-by-step online course by an award-winning interior architect and sketch instructor Olga Sorokina.

+ This course is perfect for beginners and it takes approximately one to two months to go through all the lessons and draw professional interior drawings.

+ More than 200 designers, interior design students, and architects have gone through this course and already "wow-ed" their customers and fellow designers, mastered perspective and colouring technique and took their drawing practice to the professional level.


"Sketching is an essential skill for interior designers and architects as it helps us to transfer our ideas from our heads onto the paper quickly."

- Olga Sorokina



You will greatly benefit from taking this online course if you are:

• An interior designer/architect

• An interior design/architecture studentenrich her portfolio with the interior drawings which is very attractive for the Universities.

• If you are applying to University (interior design/architecture) and wish to enrich your portfolio with interior sketches and perspective drawings

• A sketch artist and want to widen your range of techniques and up-level your skills

• Beginner in markers and perspective drawing for interior design

• Advanced in markers in general, but want to fine-tune your skills in the field of interior drawing

• Landscape designer who want to master perspective drawing and marker technique


After only five step-by-step core lessons from PART I of the course, you will be able to draw these marker sketches with confidence and professionalism:




(5 core lessons)

Lesson 1

Sketch of a bedroom in 2-point perspective (50 min)

I this lesson, we will draw a bedroom interior from a 2-point perspective. Also, we are going to learn here basics of interior design drawing. I will cover such fundamentals as vanishing points, horizon line, chiaroscuro, the concept of aerial perspective. After this lesson, you will understand marker technique principles, and how to work with markers like Copic, Promarker, Chartpak, etc. You will practice making beautiful gradients with them and how to render different kinds of textures, for example, glass, metal, fabric, wood, mirror.

Here are a couple of examples of the drawings from lesson one made by the participants of the course:

Lesson 2

Sketch of a classic armchair in 2-point perspective (30 min)

This lesson is all about cementing our knowledge about the 2-point perspective from the previous lesson, but this time hand rendering of a classical armchair will be our point of interest. After this lesson, you will understand how you can draw complex objects via simple forms.

Lesson 3

Sketch of a dining room in 1-point perspective (60 min)

We are going to make here a stylish sketch of a dining room in minimalistic Scandic style. Here I will introduce you to the concept of 1-point perspective. As for the textures, lacquered surfaces and wood will be our focus.

Lesson 4

Sketch of a living room in combined perspective (70 min)

Here we will combine our knowledge about 1- and 2-points perspectives in one drawing of a living room in Classic French style. Textures covered in this lesson: crystal, textile, wood. You will perfect and polish your skills which have been built in previous lessons.

Lesson 5

Sketch-plan of a studio apartment (30 min)

This lesson will be all about creating an incredibly-looking furniture layout in markers in only 30 minutes! Without time-lapse, all in real-time. You will fall in love with this one, I promise you! Textures covered here: ceramic tile, glass, wood, textile.



+ Theory part (my book "The SKETCH" in PDF format is included)

+ Top 3 client search strategies for a novice interior sketch artist

+ Special exercises for interior designers to train your hand and to draw faster

+ Top 7 mistakes in interior design drawing

+ Danish sofa: velvet texture (22 min)

+ Quick sketch of the Scandinavian interior (27 min)

+ How to draw 2-point perspective (2 videos)

+ Step-by-step sketch-plan guide (PDF)


This course is a great time and money investment for interior designers and architects



Calling all passionate interior designers, architects, and artists!

Get ready for an incredible journey of creativity and inspiration with this online course. I've crafted an experience and transformation that is not only informative but also fun-filled and engaging.

Here are the top seven amazing benefits you'll enjoy when enrolled in this course:

1. 🖌️ Masterful Perspective Drawing: Unleash your imagination and bring your designs to life with awe-inspiring perspectives. Prepare to wow clients and colleagues as you showcase your vision with depth and professionalism that will leave them speechless.

2. 🎨 Captivating Hand Rendering: Transform your sketches into mesmerizing works of art. Dive into the world of shading, texture creation, and vibrant marker color techniques that will make your hand-rendered sketches come alive with beauty and personality.

3. 📣 Effective Communication: Say goodbye to boring interior project presentations and hello to captivating visual storytelling! Learn the secrets of communicating your design ideas with impact, using sketches as a powerful language that sparks excitement and invites collaboration.

4. 🚀 Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Embrace the joy of creative problem-solving through engaging sketching exercises. Discover the thrill of thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries, and finding innovative solutions that will make you the design superhero of any project.

5. 💖 Emotional Intellect: Explore the incredible power of evoking emotions and connecting on a deeper level through design. Dive into the realm of creating spaces that "click" with people, evoking feelings of joy, and inspiration that will leave a lasting impression.

6. 🌍 Cultural Awareness and Inspiration: Embark on a global design adventure, uncovering diverse design influences and cultural inspirations from around the world. Infuse your work with a kaleidoscope of ideas and perspectives that will ignite your creativity and spark limitless possibilities.

7. 🎨 Unleash Your Inner Sketch Artist: Beware, interior sketching can be addictive! As you dive deeper into the course, you may find yourself falling head over heels in love with the art of sketching. Discover a newfound passion that may even inspire you to pursue sketch artistry as a full-fledged career.

Join me on this exhilarating journey of creativity, growth, and fun in this Interior Sketching course "BASE". Enroll today and get ready to unleash your artistic spirit, and enjoy every moment of discovering the magic that lies within your sketches. Don't miss out on this amazing chance to learn, grow, and have a blast along the way! Who knows, you might just uncover a hidden talent and become the next renowned sketch artist in the world of design. ✨🎉

Learn from the award-winning interior architect, author of the book "THE SKETCH. Interior Design Drawing", speaker at "ArchiMentors" and "Sketchbook Revival" Summits, Olga Sorokina.

"...Because sketching makes you a better interior designer."

- Olga Sorokina, founder of schoolofsketching.com

Check the sample warm-up lesson from the course below, just click on "Preview" button:

Course Curriculum

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days after you enroll



Here are some more examples of drawings made by the participants of this course:

More drawings made by Olga's students are on Instagram with the hashtag #SorokinaStudents


Some more examples of students' drawings from "BASE":



It is some of the best money I’ve ever spent!

"Some time ago I stumbled upon Olga’s profile on Instagram. I was instantly taken by her ability to make design ideas come to life with her vivid and detailed sketches. Unfortunately I don’t speak Russian, so when her sketch course came in English I didn’t hesitate to sign up for it.
It is some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Olga is a splendid educator, and I am so pleased with the results I get.
The lessons are well structured, easy to follow, and you will quickly get nice results. She really loves sketching, and her passion goes into her teaching so you can’t help to get smitten by her enthusiasm. I know, that my sketching skills are not yet close to Olga’s level, but I will satisfy for less, and by the help of Olga and her online course, I know, I will get there.
I hope she will develop more of her courses in English, so I can continue evolving my sketching skills. If you would like to develop or improve your sketching skills I can only say, that by Olga’s help you can’t avoid improving your sketching."

- Betina Mølvang, interior designer, Copenhagen, Instagram

What an amazing course! Thank you Olga!

"These lessons were possibly the best part of the week!
As a designer I learned how to sketch at school but unfortunately never really developed the skill… So Olga's course was a great way to brush up on the principles of perspective and along the way I also picked up a whole suitcase of tricks on how to make my sketches look really professional!
The course is fun, easy to follow, extremely well organised and after each lesson I felt like I made a whole lot of progress! And the price is so reasonable!"

- Nadezhda Alexander, interior designer, London, Instagram

I am blessed to have purchased your video course!

"I love your art and am blessed to have purchased your course. Your talent is amazing! This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!"

- Rebecca Robinson, interior designer, Tennessee, Instagram

Amazing courses!

"I made BASE and PRO courses with Olga and I want to give her all the best compliments! The content is amazing and very good work she did with her courses!"

- Fabrizio Govoni, interior designer, Estonia

Lessons from the course are so interesting!

"This is an excellent course! Lessons from BASE are so interesting and visual. Perspective drawing and colouring interiors with markers became easy for me after this course. I found Olga on her YouTube and was soooo happy to learn from her!"

- Jameela Bintook, sketcher and interior design student, India




+ Olga Sorokina was lecturing for interior designers and interior design students at St. Petersburg State Art Academy and International Design Schools.

+ The content and the program of this course were battle-tested and bulletproofed during more than two years of non-stop live classes, that's why Olga's approach and style of teaching are so effective and bring you great results in sketching.

+ Now, with this online course, you can learn from Olga's experience anywhere with an Internet connection and on any device.



With this step-by-step online video course and its "follow along" tutorials you will:

+ Master a new skill in a matter of one-two months -- interior sketching with markers and perspective drawing for interior design

+ Become confident in interior sketching perspective drawing

+ Master 1- and 2-point perspective drawing of interiors

+ Learn how to draw furniture to scale

+ Understand composition for interior drawing

+ Master shading and working with tonal values

+ Understand colouring process for interior sketching

+ Master marker technique from scratch

+ Learn how to render different textures (e.g. popular "interior textures" include wood, metal, glass, textile, tiles, etc)

+ Will be able to implement my top 3 client search strategies for a novice sketch artist


"With this new skill, you can even master a new profession -- sketch artist and start drawing interior sketch commissions in the future.

- Olga Sorokina


Your access to the course is unlimited


Always had a passion for interior design ever since you were little?

Still find that you have a love and passion for remodeling and decorating?

Love to learn drawing to create something fun and imaginary?

My classes are not only for interior designers or architects; a novice person can take the courses.

I can tell you that about 60% of my students who go through my online courses are indeed either interior designers or architects but the other 40% are Creatives from all walks of life with different backgrounds. Almost all of my students, according to my stats, are complete beginners not only in interior sketching but in drawing in general.

You do not need academic knowledge of interior design or architecture in order to take my classes, though it is an advantage.

Some of my customers apply perspective drawing skills in the interior design practice; some of them become sketch artists and draw commissions for architecture and interior design companies, and some of my students learn sketching just to boost their creativity and have more fun and inspiration in their lives.

What I have noticed, is that some of my students decided to pivot in their professional lives and became sketch artists after taking my classes, so they apply these new skills and change their careers.

Here are a couple of examples:

Perspective drawing and interior sketching is my passion, and I believe that my courses will help you define your direction.

- Olga Sorokina


Enroll today to start fulfilling your dream

(P.S. Easy sign-up process)



🖍Markers paper (Canson, Copic, Molotow), better 70 g/m2, as this kind of paper save marker pigment so they can live longer and be of use. Regular paper also will be fine.

🖍Grey markers (at least 3 greys: light, medium and dark, usually marked as №1, №3, №5)

🖍Coloured markers (minimum 5 colours: beige or sand, dark brown or chocolate, olive, dark red, dark blue)

🖍White pastel pencil (for example Caran'd'ache)

🖍White ink jel pen (for example Jelly Roll)

🖍Black liner or black pen (for example Copic Multiliner of Faber Castell)




Plus you can check my blog-post which I created specially to help you with your best marker choice: here

Or watch my short video (10 min) about my Minimum and Maximum sets for interior design drawing here


You can learn from any device you wish: PC, iPad, smartphone. This course looks great on any platform you like.



Upon completion of this online course, you will receive a Certificate of Graduation

Your Instructor

Olga Sorokina (English)
Olga Sorokina (English)

Olga Sorokina is an artist who teaches.

She is the author of the book "The SKETCH. Interior Design Drawing".

It is available on Amazon and is included in the interior design program of Denver University, USA.

Olga has been teaching interior sketching and perspective drawing both in-person and online since December 2014.

There are more than 10K+ people enrolled in her online courses and free perspective drawing challenge.

She runs a blog on interior drawing and creativity, which is read by 17K+ creatives per month.

Olga speaks at summits and online events on interior design/architecture/creativity topics. Among her recent speaking gigs are:

  • ArchiMentors Summit, October 2020
  • Sketchbook Revival, April 2020
  • Sketching Retreat, November 2022

She has received numerous international prizes for both interior design and architecture projects:

  • «IDEA! restaurant», best restaurant project, 2008 (winner)
  • Russian Design, bar project, 2009 (shortlist, exhibition in Moscow)
  • "It's Liquid," "Architecture" nomination, International Ecology Centre project, 2014 (winner)
  • "Archi Graphic Art" Contest by S. Tchoban, 2017 LINK (shortlist)

Olga worked as a sketch artist with:

  • Ralph Lauren Home,
  • Sochi Olympics,
  • Studio Seilern Architects, London,
  • Yves Delorme, Paris
  • Denizen (#1 lifestyle magazine in New Zealand),
  • Rikke Gudnitz, royal fashion designer, Copenhagen

Olga is a founder of Online School of Sketching Ltd, with a range of online courses on interior and fashion sketching.

Her graduates live all across the globe: USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, South Africa, UK, UAE, India, China, Japan, etc.

They have achieved their drawing goals. For some, it is to make an excellent client presentation with beautiful hand drawings, for another to become confident in sketching and quickly reflect their ideas. A lot of id students take her courses to draw for their interior diploma projects. Some of Olga's students become professional sketch artists and make a living out of it. Some graduates even start teaching interior sketching in their communities.

Olga holds a MA (Master of Arts degree) in Interior Design. Olga studied interior design at the Saint-Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design.

Currently, Olga lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband and son.

Website: schoolofsketching.com

Instagram: @schoolofsketching

YouTube: schoolofsketching





Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. I can tell you that usually, it takes 4 to 6 weeks for my students to accomplish all the drawings from the course.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What kind of materials do I need for the lessons?
In a nutshell, you will need markers and paper. Please check the detailed description above. In this blog article, I also address this question: https://schoolofsketching.com/blog-in-english/markers
I live in Europe and I can see that the price for me is higher. Why?
In Europe, they add European TAX on top automatically on all online transactions by law. There is a direct PayPal option available, just contact me here: https://schoolofsketching.com/contact-me TAX percentage, which is calculated based on the EU country, is automatically added on top of the original course price when you buy this course from this page.
I still have a question, how can I ask it?
You are welcome, please complete this form on my website: https://schoolofsketching.com/contact-me or email at [email protected] Usually, you get the answer within 48 hours.
Can I pay for the online course with PayPal?
Yes, PayPal is accepted. Simply email me at [email protected] might you prefer this payment option.

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