Master basics of 1- and 2-points perspectives. Complete beginner level.

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There are gonna be 7 Lessons in total in this 14-Day Perspective Challenge mini-course.

I will open new Lesson every other day ( Feb 01, 03, 05, 07, 09, 11, 13) so you have enough time to complete all the exercises.

In case you've joined later - no worries, you still have time to pass through the Challenge until Feb 13th.

Feb 15th I will announce a winner of the Challenge in my Instagram.

Read carefully below how to participate in this Challenge.


What you will need to do to participate in this Challenge?

✏️ Firstly, you want to enroll in this challenge by simply clicking on the green button "Enroll in Course for FREE" and register in the system (it's easy).

✏️ Secondly, you should make a repost of this 14-day Challenge image in your Instagram profile (please open your profile for the period of this Challenge in case your Instagram is private) and put @olgaart888 and a hashtag #challenge_olgaart888_feb18

✏️ Third, you should share this post on your FB page.

✏️ Last but not least, post all 7 drawing exercises from this Challenge in your Instagram with special hashtags which I will open inside the Lessons.


By doing so you might be the lucky one who will win 15th Feb my super popular eCourse "BASE" on interior sketching with markers for FREE! (Actual price for "BASE" online video-course is $196).

Good luck and see you inside the Challenge!


✏️ In this Challenge online mini-course I will cover basics of perspective in interior design drawing. Together we will go over 1- and 2-points perspectives so by finishing this Challenge you will complete 7 cool Lessons in 14 days (or less if you will practice this Challenge every day) and draw your first nice interior sketches.

✏️ You will learn how does perspective work both in interior and architecture drawings.

✏️ All Lessons in this Challenge are short and sweet about 6 to max 20 min long and literally packed with essential knowledge.

✏️ This Challenge is suitable for total beginners in interior sketching.

✏️ As for the materials, all you will need here is a pencil, an eraser, a ruler and a sheet of paper (+ a couple of markers or coloured pencils, but it is optional).


Learn my proven step-by-step system to master perspective in 14 days or less and create your first interior and architecture sketches!


Here are some drawings of the participants:

Watch more drawings in this 3-min video


You can learn from any device you like: PC, iPad, smartphone. This Challenge looks great on any platform!


Some more drawings of the participants

(P.S. You gonna draw this interior as well)


Meet your instructor: Olga Sorokina

Website: www.olgaart888.com

YouTube: "Olga Sorokina"

Instagram: olgaart888

Olga Sorokina is an interior designer, freehand sketch trainer and author of a book on sketching with markers "The SKETCH" (now available in English on Amazon and in PDF here). Originally she is from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Lived for 2,5 years in Copenhagen, Denmark, now lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

Background: graduated at Saint-Petersburg State Art Academy (Russia), MSc in Arts (interior design), 2004-2010. Olga is a winner of numerous international prizes for interior design and architecture.

Olga's Online School of Sketching. Since 2015, Olga develops online sketching and hand rendering video-courses (for ex. BASE ecourse for beginners and PRO ecourse for advanced sketchers) that have been a tremendous success and benefited hundreds of her students.


"My aim is that you feel comfortable and confident while using principles of perspective drawing after finishing this Challenge mini-course so jump right in!"

- Olga Sorokina


"I am so grateful for this challenge, thanks a million!"

- Böbe, Interior design blogger Instagram

"Thank you for providing the 14-Day Challenge! I really enjoyed it"

- Beau Sherrod, Instagram

"I really enjoyed participating and learning so much in such a short amount of time. am definitely interested in any classes or challenges you decide to do in English in the future!"

- Andreea Miinescu, Instagram


You will draw this also:


This is a great time investment for interior designers and interior design students, and best of all... this Challenge is FREE!

Class Curriculum

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  1-Point Perspective
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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pay to participate in this Challenge?
No, this Challenge is FREE! :-)
When does the Challenge start and finish?
Dates for this Challenge are: start 01 Feb, finish 15 Feb.
What do I need for the lessons?
Basically, you will need a pencil, a ruler, an eraser and paper. Markers or colored pencils are optional. Good luck!

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